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Craft Parties for Children

Face Painting.

Embellishments or full faces to make beautiful princesses for the ball, or pirates in search of buried treasure! I can fit in with a party theme. For Halloween or older children, I just love doing special effects!

IMG_20151017_180604459IMG_20151017_174354624Henry skeleton facepainting

£75 per party (plus mileage if outside Colchester), up to 20 children time allowing!

Email me for a quote or further details.

Craft Parties for Young Adults

Sometimes it is difficult to organise a party for young adults because they want to celebrate but aren’t sure quite what.  I’ve now run several craft parties for young adults (about 11 – 15 years, although there is flexibility on this).

Jewellery making works very well at a young adult party, it suits a small group of friends, hanging out but also http://quotecorner.com/adipex.html doing something.  Pictured above are some macrame style bracelets (the style of the new shambala bracelets) made at Kiera’s party in December 2012.  The skull beads were very popular!

Pictured here is Isobel at her 12th birthday party, making beads from fimo, which we then turned into unique jewellery.



Encaustic Art Parties

Or try something different, how about an Encaustic art party, suitable for the arty young person, or someone who wants to try something a bit different.  This art form, is instant, vibrant and great fun.


Prices range depending on consumable costs, length of party, numbers taking party and mileage but work out at around £10 per young person – minimum fee £85. Contact me for a quote and to discuss your individual party needs.



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