httpss:// “I’ve just had the following review from Lesley, who attended a one-to-one Needlefelting class yesterday. Just had a wonderful morning with Toni learning needle-felting. Came home with a lovely owl that I made all my own work! Toni is very friendly, very knowledgeable and has an excellent way of teacher her crafts, the time
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Making Owls

Today Lesley visited my workshop to learn how to needlefelt. She’d been given a gorgeous owl kit for Christmas but wanted to learn the basics before using it. We had a lot of fun shaping and choosing colours for our owls and then creating just the right faces! We then experimented with the feet by
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Mice in the workshop

Don’t worry it’s not a live one, I’ve been needlefelting today to make some examples for a class next week. This little chap has been needlefelted with merino wool tops and I have used a little wire to keep the structure of his arms. Squeak, squeak.

Sorting out silver clay issues

I really enjoyed teaching Kathy silver clay on Saturday. She’d given me a list of things that she wanted to learn to take her silver clay to the next level but I discovered our main area of troubleshooting was why her work cracked. A few hours later and many tips handed over, Kathy left with
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Today I helped Nick with soldering a Raspberry Pi that he is working on – had to put on my thinking cap to recall soldering all those circuit boards one summer back when I was at Uni but it works, so between us we got there! Continuing to work on my website, trying to condense
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Working on my website

Just getting used to how this website works as I build my pages. Seems much easier than my previous site so should be much easier to add photos and blog to keep everyone updated on my latest adventures in craft….There is however one real distraction – Matilda!