Spotlight on Enamelling and Jewellery – An enamelled tile/picture (March)


See individual dates for class theme. Some classes may incur a small extra material cost which I will inform you of before the class.  If 3 book the price per person is reduced to £46.50.



Monthly focus on one technique classes – for those who want to build on existing skills. Classes are more bite size (10 – 1.30pm) so easier to fit in and also easier on the budget.  All take place in my Colchester garden workshop.

An enamelled Tile – March

In March’s Enamelling spotlight, we’ll look at how to develop a picture on a bigger piece of copper. This could be using wire, or simply building up a piece using several firings of enamel (powdered glass) most often using the wet packing technique. We’ll also take a little thought to what happens when you fire different colours on top of each other.

Sat 10th March or Tues 27th March – An Enamelled Tile/picture

Monthly classes (one Saturday or one weekday) to develop both your Enamelling and Jewellery making skills.

£65 per person which goes down to £46.50 each if 3 attend.

2nd Saturday of each month with the exception of May

Sat10th Feb or Tues 27th Feb– Enamelling (the Basics)

Sat 10th March or Tues 27th March – An Enamelled Tile/picture

Sat 14th April or Tues 24th April – Cloisonné

Sat 5th May or Thurs 24th May – Torch Fired enamel

Sat 9th June or Tues 26th June – Soldering

Sat 14th July or Tues 17th July – Working with metal, creating texture, cutting, etching etc.

I want to discuss options with students so will add full programme later in the year, once I see how it is working.

Additional information

Dates and Gift Vouchers

Basic Enamelling 10th Feb, Basic Enamelling 27th Feb, An Enamelled tile 10th March, An Enamelled tile 27th March, Cloisonne 14th April, Cloisonne 24th April, Torch Fired Enamel 5th May, Torch Fired Enamel 24th May, Soldering 9th June, Soldering 26th June, Student's choice 14th July, Student's choice 17th July, Gift Voucher


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    Hi, I’m interested in the cloisonne day. Where are these taught please.
    I can probably do either day if you only have one other person on a day.
    Sally Havill

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